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Kids Piano Lessons

Do you still remember Jack? That's right! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! I am sure you won't want your child to end up like Jack right? Hence, give them a chance to explore and use their right brain more!
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Adults Piano Lessons

If you need to get away from work, but you are unable to find time for a holiday, then here is an alternate solution! If music is capable of soothing your soul, then you won't even have to think about going on a holiday to relax and relief stress.
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Leisure Piano Lessons

Thinking of just playing the piano or keyboard and sing to your favorite pop songs? You've come to the right place! These are the different categories of leisure piano: Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Keyboard Lessons etc ...
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Piano Lessons in Singapore

Student-to-Piano Teacher Matching Services In Less Than 48 hours! SMS 9853 2750 Now!

Start Your Piano Lesson with an Experienced & Qualified Piano Teacher Now!

Do you feel your child is not benefiting from group lessons in a music school?

Do you want to play your favourite songs to soothe your soul and refresh your spirit but do not have piano background?

Are you looking for 1-to-1 piano lesson teaching at the comfort of your home, where full attention can be given and personalized progress monitored?

If you answered YES to any of the above then Singapore Piano Lessons can help You!

We understand your concerns and are committed to connect you to your ideal teacher to start your piano learning journey.

You have access to our huge database of piano teachers who specialize in 1-to-1 piano lessons. All our piano teachers are Grade 8 and above.

You can choose your preferred timing and location for your lesson and able to learn at a comfortable pace that suits you.

We are committed to provide prompt and professional service to help you engage a trustworthy and dedicated piano teacher.

Best of all, our piano teacher matching service is FREE for parents and students. Absolutely, No Registration Fee.

Singapore Piano Lessons is Singapore’s leading Piano Teacher Service. We are confident that we can find you a suitable Piano Teacher of your choice from our huge piano teachers database within 48 hours.

Submit your request via a simple request form, or alternatively, you can SMS 9853 2750 for a no-obligation consultation.


Free Matching Services

We offer free matching service for students.
There is no registration fee for both student and teachers.
Teachers only pay for successful student assigned.

Trained & Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are all qualified teachers who are well-versed
in both the ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Syllabus.
Contact us now to prepare your child for the examinations!

Find a Piano Teacher

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100% Satisfaction!!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

All our piano teachers are certified and experienced. You can request for their certificates on your first piano lesson with them. However, if you find the assigned piano teacher is not suitable, do contact us for a replacement teacher.

Piano Lessons Syllabus


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