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Thinking of just playing the piano or keyboard and sing to your favorite pop songs?

You've come to the right place!

Leisure Piano Lessons

Our experienced piano teachers provide leisure lessons to help you fulfill that childhood dream of playing the piano to serenade the girl/guy of your dreams.

These are the different categories of leisure piano: Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Keyboard Lessons etc...

Learning to play the piano has many benefits towards you.

Develops your creativity and allows you think more outside the box

Improves your overall concentration level. Hence, allowing you to be more patient and persevering in attaining your goals

Improves your self esteem. This will enhance your learning process and enable you to be more productive

These are just a few of the benefits that learning the piano has to offer. There are so much more hidden advantages when you learn to play the piano! Besides, there’s no harm in trying it out right?

Singapore Piano Lessons is Singapore’s leading Piano Teacher Service. We are confident that we can find you a suitable Piano Teacher of your choice from our huge piano teachers database within 48 hours.

Submit your request via a simple request form, or alternatively, you can SMS 9853 2750 for a no-obligation consultation.

Free Matching Services

We offer free matching service for students.
There is no registration fee for both student and teachers.
Teachers only pay for successful student assigned.

Trained & Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are all qualified teachers who are well-versed
in both the ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Syllabus.
Contact us now to prepare your child for the examinations!

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