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A good playing position during piano lessons often solves other apparent technical or physical problems. Here are some suggestions to help achieve playing readiness:

1) Adjust the bench to the proper height, keeping wrists and forearms parallel with the floor.

2) Sit the proper distance from the keyboard, leaving upper arms hanging from the shoulders with forearms a comfortable distance from the body.

3) Maintain proper posture, sitting tall with shoulders dropped and relaxed, back straight, leaning slightly into the keys.

4) Balance weight, dividing it between the bench and the feet.

To develop flexibility in playing, try exercises and pieces that require moving over a wide range of the keyboard, from low position to high and back- hands separately, alternating hands, and hands together. In all such music, the emphasis should be on moving to each new position directly, yet freely and gracefully; moving the hand and arm freely behind the finger that is playing; expressing the shape of each phrase with a loose wrist and elbow, supported by a good playing position.

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