Fees for Piano Lessons in Singapore

The piano lesson fees indicated below for different grades serve as a guide only. The rate of piano lessons are varied depending on piano teachers qualification and experiences. Sometimes, the accessibility to the location of the piano student’s home is also a factor in the fees.

There will be a practical and theory lessons during the piano lessons.

Piano Grade
4 Lessons Fees
45 mins
45 mins
45 mins
45 mins
45 mins
1 hour
1 hour
1 hour
1 hour
Diploma ABRSM / ATCL
1 hour
Diploma LRSM / FTCL
1 hour
Diploma FRSM / LTCL
1 hour

The factors that determine the piano teachers’ rates are listed as follow:

1. Full Time / Part Time Piano Teachers
Full time teachers generally command a higher piano lesson rates compare to one on part-time basis.

2. Qualifications of Piano Teachers
A piano teacher with higher qualification like Degrees or Diplomas will command higher rate than teachers with only Grade 8 qualifications.

3. No of Years of Teaching
The number of years of piano teaching experience does matters. A piano teacher with a longer number of years of teaching experience commands a higher piano lesson fee.

4. Lessons at Student’s Home / Lessons at Teacher’s Home
The piano fees indicated above are based on piano lessons being held at teacher's home. Lessons conducted at student's home would usually include additional transportation fees.

5. Grading Fee Structure
Most piano teachers charge a fee increment when the students advance to the next higher piano grade. For lower piano grades, most piano teachers increased the piano fees by a minimum of $20 per month. For higher piano grades, the increment varies widely depending on the particular piano teacher’s qualification and experience.

6. Adult Student
Due to work commitment, some adult students are unable to attend weekly agreed time slot. Piano teachers may charge a small premium from the above indicated rates to cover for the inconveniences.

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